• Half way finished with order for @dickpondrunning with the other half being screen printed😉(pictured: RYS Illinois)
  • New fusion order on our Racer Shirts for Philosopher's Way Trail Runs. Front and back, awesome prints. Good luck!
  • JUST shipped out these shirts for Eastern Shore Running Club🙌
  • Finished these for the Mercy Center 5K! Great print for a great cause. Good luck tomorrow to all runners!
  • Shipped out an order for Jay Wind- or rather Neal delivered😉 Good luck on Sunday guys!!
Some really nice sleeve work from @sundogtees which we applied to our Heather Citrus shirts for Outdoor Trails last week (the print is Backpacker) 😍😍👍 Hope you guys at Outdoor Trails like 'em!! #madeintheusa🇺🇸 #itsnotcotton #outdoorpeople #forwhatevering #smarterperformance
Shirts we fusion printed for Eastern Shore Running Club(👍)These were completed on Friday so they should be delivered any day now UPS! Let us know how you all like em!! #forwhatevering #performancewear #itsnotcotton #madeintheusa #runningclub
New order completed for a special event this weekend: Mercy Center's 5K Run (
The back print for Jay Wind's 13th Annual Potomac River Run Marathon & Half coming fresh out the dryer✨😍✨The event is in celebration of World Laughter Day and in support of Build a Brick Foundation's campaign to stamp out malaria👍👍💛💚💙👍👌GREAT work guys, awesome cause! Hope everything goes well this weekend for the event!!! #forwhatevering #performancewear #runningevents #itsnotcotton #smarterperformance
Artwork approved for Jay Wind's order for their 13th annual Potomac River Run Marathon & Half this Sunday, May 1st. Shirts are almost ready and fusion paper us on its way! 👍 #smarterperformance #madeintheusa🇺🇸 #itsnotcotton #performancewear #forwhatevering
SHIPPED TODAY: Fox River Trail Runners Great Western logo screen printed Sky Racer shirts!✨😍✨Good luck at your even this weekend, guys!!!#racer #forwhatevering #performancewear #itsnotcotton #madeintheusa🇺🇸 #smarterperformance